The green roof is now planted and installed around the terrace of the Anderson Center. The total area of plant coverage is 1800 square feet. This will not only provide energy and sound insulation, but will also create beautiful and lush surroundings on the third-floor terrace.

Benefits of the Green Roof:

Helps mitigate urban heat island effect of traditional rooftops and provides additional insulation for energy savings and sound insulation. In addition, the green roof reduces storm water runoff by absorbing a significant amount of rainfall and filters, cools, and slows excess water runoff which improves water quality of natural water resources (Mississippi River and underground aquifers).

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About the Green Roof:

This green roof uses the LiveRoof tray system and is 6 inches deep. The Anderson Center roof represents the first installation in Minnesota to use the 6 inch trays. The plants were started or ‘propagated’ in a greenhouse 20 miles south of campus last August with two varieties of low growing Sedum varieties. In March, highly drought tolerant native and adapted non-native perennials and grasses were added into the mix. The trays were delivered on four truckloads and lifted to the top of the roof by crane for final installation. Each tray can weigh up to 90 pounds. Removable sides of the trays allow the coarse soil and rooting to grow together to creates a seamless appearance and plant system. The green roof system was integrated into the design with the proper interface of structural engineering, waterproof systems, soil and water considerations, and rooftop microclimates.

See the Construction Live:

We have a live streaming camera on the construction site of the Anderson Center, it can be found at (scroll to the bottom of the page).