From Lowell Bromander,
Associate Vice President for Facilities Services

It is the end of the first month of construction and we are on schedule with our plans. A few things that are complete at this time:

  • the fence is up
  • the pile driving to install the shoring along Snelling Ave was completed last week
  • the trees have been removed and delivered to “Wood from the Hood” for processing
  • the digging began this week and will continue for about six weeks

The hole that we are digging will be roughly 270 feet long by 120 wide by 20 feet deep. When we are completed we will have hauled about 45,000 yards of soil from the site.  A portion will be stored and brought back for reuse at the site. The rest is being used at other construction sites as well. Steps planned for April:

  • Reminder that the Groundbreaking Ceremony will be held on April 11.
  • We will begin to pour concrete footings for the building during the week of April 18.

You can see images below taken throughout March as soil has been removed and trees have been removed and transplanted from the construction site.

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